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On B12 Awareness Day last year, our petition asking for injectable B12 to be made available over the counter was presented  in Parliament. Following on from this, there will be a Westminster Hall debate tomorrow, Wednesday 26th May at  4.05pm.

My MP, Jane Hunt will be making her speech on this issue, to include patient cases, the debate will last for 30 minutes.

If you want to tune in to watch the proceedings live, please click here.

Thank you everybody for helping to get us this far, as usual, I have everything crossed!

Update: If you couldn’t watch it live, please watch here.

Thank you to Jane Hunt for her fantastic speech and to Nadine Dorries MP, who is asking women to register their experiences with The Women’s Health Strategy this has to be done by June the 13th 2021.

Nadine incorrectly stated that a different form of B12 was used in private clinics  and not hydroxocobalamin which is used by the NHS. This is not true. Many clinics use hydroxocobalamin as their primary form but will also use other such as methyl and cyano.

As discussed during the debate, we know that men also suffer from this and we are not forgetting you!

Kindness always

Tracey  x