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Are you struggling with the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency, or suspect you might be suffering with B12 deficiency?

You’re in the right place. Welcome to B12 Deficiency Info.

Everyone makes better choices when they have the right information…

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Vitamin B12 deficiency so you can make informed choices about your own health and understand how it’s affected by this very common condition. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a really common, often debilitating condition that doesn’t discriminate. It is found in both men, women and children. It affects people from every country across the world, so access to current information on symptoms and steps to take if you think you’re affected is vital. And that’s what B12 deficiency info is all about. Creating awareness and understanding of the condition so you can use it to help you to gain a diagnosis and the best treatment available. Remember, correct and timely B12 treatment can mean reversal of all of your symptoms.

If possible, please try not to supplement prior to testing, this can skew results and make a diagnosis more difficult.

Simply watching the first 5 minutes of the documentary film here will make it clear just how serious B12 deficiency is and how misdiagnosis can occur.

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“For whatever reason(s) medical professionals understanding of nutrition remains in the dark ages. Read More…

“Tracey I can’t thank you enough, you literally saved my life, after a year of battles and be denied vital treatment I can finally start to recover. I owe you my life and will be forever grateful to you. Read More…

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“Tracey has been a God-send to me. I found her via her website during a difficult period when I felt my GP and other health professionals were not taking my symptoms seriously & I was left feeling confused and upset. Read More…

“I found the ‘What to do next’ page completely invaluable…
I found the ‘What to do next’ page completely invaluable, unfortunately my GP who is very kind and helpful, is missing some really vital aspects of B12 treatment. Read More… 

“Thanks a million for your website. It has answered so many questions for me and my physician is very impressed too! Read More…

“I thought I was going insane, I was seeing things and hearing things and my Dr said I was bipolar. I cannot praise this site enough for flagging up the relationship between mental health and a simple vitamin deficiency! Read More…