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Help is always at hand

I’d like to think you can get all the information and support you need from the website. This comprehensive resource will remain available for those in need and will not be hidden behind any paywall. 

For some people, personalised support is important. This is where I can elaborate on the information found here. It doesn't matter where in the world you are.

If this is what you require, please read on and see the testimonials below. Either way, the best place to start is the What to do next page 


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Personalised support

You can receive specific and personalised support and advocacy from me via email, telephone or Skype. Wherever in the world you are. The hourly charge is £80, 30 minute appointments are also available at £40. This will include sending a written review of the information given following our discussion. If you require continued support please contact me, via, to discuss a personalised package.

Please note; I am not medically trained and I do not give medical advice, however through my own personal experience and the wealth of knowledge gained over the years from helping 1000’s of my website users, I can help you to better understand your condition and unravel incorrect information you may have been given.

The support I can provide may include:

Advocating for you by speaking to your doctors and consultants and working with other health agencies on your behalf.

• Showing you detailed pathway’s to understanding your condition and other related conditions and what to further explore by providing research and resources.

• Help to inform, educate and empower you to advocate for yourself so that you can take charge of your own health.

• Listening and helping you to identify B12 deficiency if it is present and decipher information about this condition, showing you where to look, what to explore.

• Giving an understanding of the myriad of symptoms, correct treatment and why people should never assume the worst or simply accept what they are being told.

• Helping with letter writing and (if you are in the UK) help with navigating NHS services to access the care you need when your GP surgery are unhelpful.

• Giving specific information to arm you with knowledge to gain the appropriate diagnosis, medical help and support in gaining the improvement in your care that you and your loved ones deserve.

• Giving specific advice/strategies and guidance on how to approach your GP in order to access testing and treatment and for what exactly.

• If your relationship with your GP fails, I can help by signposting who you need to contact, and what to ask for.

My proven track record . . .

Tracey is one of those truly special people that genuinely cares about spreading awareness of B12 deficiency, and helping those diagnosed with it. She has worked selflessly and tirelessly over the years, to help those in need. Her excellent website is a fantastic resource, full of information - for those wanting to learn more about B12 deficiency, as well helping those seeking a diagnosis and treatment. Tracey's conference (held a few years ago), was an eye-opener, flawlessly presented, and a phenomenal CPD event. 
If you're thinking of hiring Tracey as a guest speaker to present at your medical conference - do not hesitate, as you won't be disappointed. Tracey's extensive knowledge, kindness, friendly, professional nature has been inspiring. 
Keep up the great work!
Archna Shah, Chiropractor

I contacted Tracey at a time of sheer desperation, panic and frustration about how my little boy and I were being treated by the NHS. From the very start Tracey was amazing, she helped and supported us above and beyond. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricacies involved with diagnosis and gaining treatment of b12 deficiency/PA is second to none.
She has vast information about the rules and guidelines surrounding this terribly under treated and under diagnosed condition. She also guides how to apply this knowledge, how to approach doctors and challenge decisions. 
She doesn't just parrot information with no support going forward, she made it her mission to find the best way to get the help we needed that fitted our situation.
I had tried other organisations who promised the earth, until I paid for a subscription, then suddenly they didn't want to help at all. Others charge for information that Tracey provides on her website for free which shows you the type of person she is. 
I'm so glad I found Tracey and was lucky enough to receive her help and support. Tracey has many contacts and has made it her life's work to be the voice that so many of us have been scared to use. She knows first hand the pain and suffering of misdiagnosis, under or lack of treatment can cause and as it's an issue she is passionate about. She truly cares about getting the right outcome for each individual situation.
Neither my son nor I were treated when I first spoke to Tracey, we were both in a bad way, for me especially mentally. Watching my son decline I felt entirely helpless, especially when I was up against a broken system, I just wasn't coping. Tracey listened, supported, understood then set off trying to find ways to help. I genuinely can't thank her enough, the emotional support she offered was so valuable and she got me through extremely hard times. Both my son and I have the treatment we need now and it's like a cloud of fog has been lifted. All I ever wanted was for my son to feel better and many times I would be sick with fear about his future, but I'm starting to get my little boy back now. The change was immediate. I contacted Tracey because we desperately needed help but I never knew in the end we would gain such an amazing, kind, genuine friend. Tracey you're an angel, thank you for everything.
Chloe Andrews, Surrey UK

Tracey has been unbelievably supportive and was key to getting my 14 year old daughter the vital treatment she so desperately needed.
I met Tracey in 2015 after my own battle with B12 and honestly didn’t know at the time that she would play such an important part of the battle ahead with my daughter's health.
She had been symptomatic since she was 8 years old but all tests at the GP’s were not showing anything specific and her serum B12 level was 493. I paid privately for Active B12, Homocysteine and MMA testing and all showed my daughter had B12 deficiency but even with evidence showing this she was still denied treatment from my GP and paediatrician. They freely admitted it was because of a lack of knowledge on their part and they wouldn’t go against guidelines. 
Tracey was very quick to call my GP practice on more than one occasion and spoke to them about how important it was to get my daughter on treatment quickly, Tracey also called the paediatrician and my local CCG as well as sending important clinical evidence/research via email on numerous occasions to help my case and get my daughter the treatment she needed.
Tracey was so calm and refused to give up till we got what we needed. Her knowledge on B12 is unbelievable! She spent so much time helping support me when I was at my lowest point and really struggling to get through to the health professionals I was dealing with who refused to believe that my daughter was B12 deficient. 
The GP finally agreed to B12 injections and after a few hiccups and Tracey’s advice yet again on changing from folic acid to methylfolate my daughter is now doing well and starting to enjoy things in her life instead of struggling every single day.
I can honestly say if it hadn’t have been for Tracey and her help and support I don’t know how I would have coped. She is a wonderful, selfless, knowledgeable person who is absolutely committed to helping others to fight to be acknowledged, listened to and treated properly. 
Tracey I don’t think we can ever express how grateful we both are, you are truly amazing!!!!
Claire Gray

Tracey Witty is a compassionate advocate for people suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. We highly recommend her dedication in helping people receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. Tracey is friendly, passionate and determined to assist those who are being mistreated. She is angel from the U.K. fighting the good fight!
Sally Pacholok, RN, BSN & Jeffrey Stuart, DO USA

Tracey is a very compassionate and caring person.  She uses her extensive knowledge of  B12 Deficiency to advocate for B12 Deficient sufferers when helping them to write letters or accompanying them to doctor’s appointments.  Tracey created and designed her website to make it easier for B12 Deficient sufferers to access information about B12 Deficiency. I often link members of my group to Tracey’s website as is very professional with links to medical research to support the information provided.  Tracey is very passionate about advocating for the rights of B12 Deficient sufferers and is a tireless campaigner raising awareness of B12 Deficiency.
Pat Kornic Founder and Admin - Pernicious Anaemia/B12 Deficiency 
Support Group - (17000 + members).

For health to recover fully, there needs to be a willingness to delve into the causes of the problem - only then can a solution be found. Tracey specialises in helping people to search for the roots of their illness and find practical ways to recover their health. B12 deficiency is increasing in prevalence due to an ageing population, western diets leading to a rise in autoimmunity and many common prescription drugs preventing B12 absorption. Her work continues to inform and educate people to take charge of their own health and be informed about the available treatment options.
Dr Sarah Davies (GP)

Having liaised with Tracey and being a fortunate recipient of her knowledge, guidance and kindness, I can whole-heartedly say that she is at the top of her game... not just as a B12 expert, but as a human! It only takes a brief insight into her own life journey and story to quickly realise that Tracey is an exceptional lady. She embodies more than individual potential for strength, growth, recovery and change - she embodies the possibility of inspiring all of this in the human collective as well. I can assuredly say that, with the growing evidence of B12 deficiency being an epidemic, Tracey - in her work - marries intellect with application, knowledge with compassion and science with a wider philosophy. Her experience and research renders her extremely valuable to the current and future needs of patients who may, like myself, feel let down by the medical profession. In my humble opinion, I cannot think of any B12-related case in which Tracey's holistic and bespoke approach would not be valid. In short, I am grateful to Tracey for her support, in awe of all that she knows and manages to do, and ambitious that one day, I may also follow in such noble endeavours through my own work! Thank you for helping us through our journeys, Tracey - I am certainly better off for it!
Anay B

Hearing someone say, 'I understand....someone who has previously experienced b12 deficiency and could articulate the feelings, symptoms and barriers...well it was life changing...someone to guide me step by step was give me back my life...priceless...' I will never forget Tracey being at the end of the phone listening, understanding, supporting doctors appointments and letter writing. If it wasn't for the help from Tracey I would be bed bound, instead with the appropriate treatment I am leading a full life with continued guidance .... I thoroughly recommend getting support from Tracey, she is incredibly knowledgeable and has an amazing gift with joining up the patient/ doctor partnership - I literally owe her my life.
H Butters

Tracey has been a God-send to me. I found her via her website during a difficult period when I felt my GP and other health professionals were not taking my symptoms seriously & I was left feeling confused and upset. Fatigue, unexplained pain, depression, anxiety, dizziness and breathing difficulties were all issues. As well as explaining the importance of B12 testing & the lack of knowledge many doctors have about B12 deficiency, she re-assured me in a very calming way that it was easy to make things better and that I was by no means alone in feeling like this. She helped me to access treatment and understand dosing, which I found the thought of daunting, and in many ways I am now feeling the benefits. She is always there to help. A kind person who clearly wants to pass on her knowledge to help others in a similar position.
Mr C.Castaldo (London, December 2017) 

Thank you again for your help Tracey, it is appreciated more than I can express. Keep up the great work. Being the person people turn to in their most desperate times I’m sure is demanding in the extreme, which in my eyes makes you a modern day Mother Theresa! Thanks for giving me somewhere to turn.
Dan W 

Further testimonials . . .

"Thank you so much for all the hard work you do giving vital information, support and kindnesses, quite honestly I don’t know what we would do without you."

"I would never have got my 14 year old son sorted out if it wasn’t from the help I’ve received, I honestly can’t thank you enough, they’ve finally started to listen too me once Tracey Witty had spoken to them. I really appreciate all the help received."

"I honestly feel that you have saved my life, with the information you gave me I was able to achieve a diagnosis and treatment after years of pain and confusion."

"I don’t know what I would have done without Tracey- she literally saved my life, providing advice, spreading awareness and challenging incorrect medical guidance."

"Tracey quietly and calmly produces mechanisms to help people, thank you, you are amazing!"

"Words can't describe all that you did to help get my derailed life back on track.... b12 wise, support wise and encouragement wise... how very different my and my children's lives are now. Your kindness leaves a trail of renewed lives."

"I definitely felt isolated and alone during diagnosis and years afterwards continually trying to fight for individual treatment. So I would like to say thanks for great advice from your site and from yourself personally."

"No idea where I'd be without your advice and experience."


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Teaching / Education

Please go to the Education page for more information. 

If you or your team are in need of in-depth, valuable education then please contact me





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