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About me


Tracey Witty

I inherited B12 deficiency.

I cannot absorb B12 from food and I will require injections for life. 

I’m part of the 1 in 10 people in the UK believed to be deficient in vitamin B12.

My diagnosis in 2012 and the realisation that there was such a lack of knowledge amongst health professionals made me passionate about raising awareness and giving people access to the right information. I know people who have been sectioned due to this condition, who have been misdiagnosed with Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s and bipolar and who have tried to take their own lives due to lack of adequate treatment.   

For me, it became a mission. I felt (and still feel) compelled to help patients in the same situation and to help health professionals to understand the truth of the situation. There’s a genuine need for people to be able to find accurate, reliable, up to date information all in one place. Information that’s not hidden. Facts that are transparent. Help with diagnosis and support for ongoing treatment.

I'm delighted to report that as of March 2020 I am studying for a PhD, researching the barriers to diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency. 

There isn’t a big team behind the scenes. It's me who runs and updates the site day to day and answers your emails. I am the researcher and the administrator and I have read thousands of journals and articles on this subject over the years. This is a mission I’ve taken on myself, to fill the gap in the education of many health professionals and to give everyone a better chance of understanding B12 deficiency and taking action.

Dr Marjorie Ghisoni wrote about my work following my teaching at Bangor Univeristy and The RCN North Wales.

I feel honoured and really touched that in August 2016 so many people voted for my name to appear on an Arriva Eco bus and that this has lead to more awareness locally

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At the Leicestershire Heroes awards 2016 above and below at Arriva Bus Leicester Stars 

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I could not do what I do without the support of my husband Damian Witty and while we both have backgrounds in design, we can’t cover every aspect of running a user-friendly, resource-rich website so we have fantastic help with technical expertise from the brilliant Gareth D. We are committed to helping people navigate their way through the maze of information about B12 deficiency and you can help to spread the word about the valuable information that we amass.

What motivates me

I know what it’s like to be a B12 deficient patient. I had to fight for correct treatment. I know first-hand the problems that people face, one of the main issues being significant under treatment.

My main focus is on misdiagnosiscauses, the effect on childrenmental healthpregnancy and infertility. I also write a regular blog.

I’m sustained by the positive feedback I get from people who have finally found what they’ve been looking for… on a site that’s FREE to use, that doesn’t charge a membership fee or restrict access to subscribers.

My promise to you

You’ll find a wealth of information here. My website will always be free from external advertising and promotions of oral supplements.


If you value this website, consider donating. Donations support the free information provided on and its blog, which help those with B12 deficiency world wide.

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