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Dear all

I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency in 2012 and the realisation that clinicians are taught very little about this very common condition dawned swiftly. I wanted to make a difference to people like me who were searching for correct information and help. Please see my mission statement.

Since my own diagnosis I have driven my family and friends round the twist – badgering those with symptoms to get tested. If someone breaks a finger nail, they’ll cheekily ask me if I thinks it’s B12 deficiency. The following line from Sally Pacholok’s book “Could it be B12? An epidemic of Misdiagnosis” confirmed that my behaviour was normal!- ‘your families will tease you about your over zealousness in educating them about the dangers of B12 deficiency’ – I am pleased to report that those who did get tested and were found to be deficient are now driving their family and friends round the twist too.

One particular friend, Laura inspired me to create this website, I think she wanted me to shut up! I wanted to raise awareness about B12 deficiency and everything I was doing was falling on deaf ears. I am a lay person and each time I would be asked – ‘are you a medic’? Nobody really was interested in the early days.

I hope my website provides the vehicle to help us all access great support and information.

I want to thank Laura for inspiring me, Ryan for his excellent typing skills, and my fantastic husband Damian for building the original website and for allowing me to bore him about B12 everyday!

Please see the petition which aims to make B12 injections available OTC in the UK.

Best wishes, Tracey

www.b12deficiency.info and if you share the information, please be kind enough to credit the site.