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Very useful links

If you would like personalised help, please see the contact page for more information.

Sally M. Pacholok R.N. & Dr. Jeffrey J. Stuart Authors of 'Could it be B12?'

B12 Apps

Support groups

There are many Facebook groups dedicated to B12 deficiency but if you don't use this platform please check out Health Unlocked.

Support groups often have their own treatment protocols which may work for the majority but their regime may not suit everyone. It's ok to find your own balance and to have your own voice. 

Pat Kornic's support group

Support for Norwegian patients here

Support for Danish patients here

Support for Swedish Patients here

Support for Dutch patients; 
Henk De Jong

 uMMA Testing USA

Dr. Eric Norman

Genetic testing

Information on MTHFR and methylation


Magnesium deficiency 

UK Specific Links 

If you need help in complaining about your restricted treatment
Click here to read

NHS Constitution
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NICE Guidelines
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BNF Guidelines (9.1.2.)
Click here

NHS - Map of Medicine B12 and Folate deficiency deficiency/Pages/MapofMedicinepage.aspx

Guidelines on diagnosing B12 and folate from the British Committee for Standards in Haematology

Ratings and reviews from patients

B12 App user guide
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