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I'ts always lovely to receive feedback, so thank you to everyone who takes the time to write to me about the site and the help they've gained. If you would like to add a testimonial to this page please email me here

If you feel that you need personalised help please see the Contact page for more information. Below you can read what others say:

Tracey is one of those truly special people that genuinely cares about spreading awareness of B12 deficiency, and helping those diagnosed with it. She has worked selflessly and tirelessly over the years, to help those in need. Her excellent website is a fantastic resource, full of information - for those wanting to learn more about B12 deficiency, as well helping those seeking a diagnosis and treatment. Tracey's conference (held a few years ago), was an eye-opener, flawlessly presented, and a phenomenal CPD event.  
If you're thinking of hiring Tracey as a guest speaker to present at your medical conference - do not hesitate, as you won't be disappointed. Tracey's extensive knowledge, kindness, friendly, professional nature has been inspiring. 
Keep up the great work!
Archna Shah, Chiropractor 

For health to recover fully, there needs to be a willingness to delve into the causes of the problem - only then can a solution be found. Tracey specialises in helping people to search for the roots of their illness and find practical ways to recover their health. B12 deficiency is increasing in prevalence due to an ageing population, western diets leading to a rise in autoimmunity and many common prescription drugs preventing B12 absorption. Her work continues to inform and educate people to take charge of their own health and be informed about the available treatment options.
Dr Sarah Davies (GP)

Having liaised with Tracey and being a fortunate recipient of her knowledge, guidance and kindness, I can whole-heartedly say that she is at the top of her game... not just as a B12 expert, but as a human! It only takes a brief insight into her own life journey and story to quickly realise that Tracey is an exceptional lady. She embodies more than individual potential for strength, growth, recovery and change - she embodies the possibility of inspiring all of this in the human collective as well.
I can assuredly say that, with the growing evidence of B12 deficiency being an epidemic, Tracey - in her work - marries intellect with application, knowledge with compassion and science with a wider philosophy. Her experience and research renders her extremely valuable to the current and future needs of patients who may, like myself, feel let down by the medical profession. In my humble opinion, I cannot think of any B12-related case in which Tracey's holistic and bespoke approach would not be valid. In short, I am grateful to Tracey for her support, in awe of all that she knows and manages to do, and ambitious that one day, I may also follow in such noble endeavours through my own work! Thank you for helping us through our journeys, Tracey - I am certainly better off for it!

Anay B

Tracey has been unbelievably supportive and was key to getting my 14 year old daughter the vital treatment she so desperately needed.
I met Tracey in 2015 after my own battle with B12 and honestly didn’t know at the time that she would play such an important part of the battle ahead with my daughter's health.
She had been symptomatic since she was 8 years old but all tests at the GP’s were not showing anything specific and her serum B12 level was 493. I paid privately for Active B12, Homocysteine and MMA testing and all showed my daughter had B12 deficiency but even with evidence showing this she was still denied treatment from my GP and paediatrician. They freely admitted it was because of a lack of knowledge on their part and they wouldn’t go against guidelines.
Tracey was very quick to call my GP practice on more than one occasion and spoke to them about how important it was to get my daughter on treatment quickly, Tracey also called the paediatrician and my local CCG as well as sending important clinical evidence/research via email on numerous occasions to help my case and get my daughter the treatment she needed.
Tracey was so calm and refused to give up till we got what we needed. Her knowledge on B12 is unbelievable! She spent so much time helping support me when I was at my lowest point and really struggling to get through to the health professionals I was dealing with who refused to believe that my daughter was B12 deficient.
The GP finally agreed to B12 injections and after a few hiccups and Tracey’s advice yet again on changing from folic acid to methylfolate my daughter is now doing well and starting to enjoy things in her life instead of struggling every single day.
I can honestly say if it hadn’t have been for Tracey and her help and support I don’t know how I would have coped. She is a wonderful, selfless, knowledgeable person who is absolutely committed to helping others to fight to be acknowledged, listened to and treated properly.
Tracey I don’t think we can ever express how grateful we both are, you are truly amazing!!!!
Claire Gray

I was fortunate to meet Tracey on a course many years ago and as a Nutritional Therapist I was delighted when she set up this incredibly useful resource to which I’ve often referred myself, and recommended regularly to clients.
Recently my daughter had blood tests revealing a B12 level which was scarily low at 104 and yet her Dr refused to treat her with B12 injections. I contacted Tracey for advice and she contacted the surgery on my daughters behalf. I am delighted to say that as a result of her correspondence my daughter is now receiving B12 injections from her surgery, currently on alternate days in accordance with NICE guidelines.
Tracey has been extremely supportive throughout and I cannot thank her enough for her help in getting my daughter the treatment she needed.
I am fully aware of the long term consequences of sub-optimal levels of nutrients and particularly the devastating effect undiagnosed B12 deficiency can have on long term health. It saddens me that any disorder related to nutritional deficiencies is given so little credibility by the medical establishment when it easily be corrected and could prevent so much ill health in the future.
I have nothing but admiration for Tracey who has taken her own experiences and used them as a means of helping so many others, empowering them to take charge of their own health and well-being.
Thank you again Tracey!
Liz McWatt RGN.DNMed

Hearing someone say, 'I understand....someone who has previously experienced b12 deficiency and could articulate the feelings, symptoms and barriers...well it was life changing...someone to guide me step by step was give me back my life...priceless...' I will never forget Tracey being at the end of the phone listening, understanding, supporting doctors appointments and letter writing. If it wasn't for the help from Tracey I would be bed bound, instead with the appropriate treatment I am leading a full life with continued guidance .... I thoroughly recommend getting support from Tracey, she is incredibly knowledgeable and has an amazing gift with joining up the patient/ doctor partnership - I literally owe her my life.
H Butters

I contacted Tracey at a time of sheer desperation, panic and frustration about how my little boy and I were being treated by the NHS. From the very start Tracey was amazing, she helped and supported us above and beyond. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricacies involved with diagnosis and gaining treatment of b12 deficiency/PA is second to none.
She has vast information about the rules and guidelines surrounding this terribly under treated and under diagnosed condition. She also guides how to apply this knowledge, how to approach doctors and challenge decisions.
She doesn't just parrot information with no support going forward, she made it her mission to find the best way to get the help we needed that fitted our situation.
I had tried other organisations who promised the earth, until I paid for a subscription, then suddenly they didn't want to help at all. Others charge for information that Tracey provides on her website for free which shows you the type of person she is.
I'm so glad I found Tracey and was lucky enough to receive her help and support. Tracey has many contacts and has made it her life's work to be the voice that so many of us have been scared to use. She knows first hand the pain and suffering of misdiagnosis, under or lack of treatment can cause and as it's an issue she is passionate about. She truly cares about getting the right outcome for each individual situation.
Neither my son nor I were treated when I first spoke to Tracey, we were both in a bad way, for me especially mentally. Watching my son decline I felt entirely helpless, especially when I was up against a broken system, I just wasn't coping. Tracey listened, supported, understood then set off trying to find ways to help. I genuinely can't thank her enough, the emotional support she offered was so valuable and she got me through extremely hard times. Both my son and I have the treatment we need now and it's like a cloud of fog has been lifted. All I ever wanted was for my son to feel better and many times I would be sick with fear about his future, but I'm starting to get my little boy back now. The change was immediate. I contacted Tracey because we desperately needed help but I never knew in the end we would gain such an amazing, kind, genuine friend. Tracey you're an angel, thank you for everything.
Chloe Andrews, Surrey UK

Tracey has been a God-send to me. I found her via her website during a difficult period when I felt my GP and other health professionals were not taking my symptoms seriously & I was left feeling confused and upset. Fatigue, unexplained pain, depression, anxiety, dizziness and breathing difficulties were all issues. As well as explaining the importance of B12 testing & the lack of knowledge many doctors have about B12 deficiency, she re-assured me in a very calming way that it was easy to make things better and that I was by no means alone in feeling like this. She helped me to access treatment and understand dosing, which I found the thought of daunting, and in many ways I am now feeling the benefits. She is always there to help. A kind person who clearly wants to pass on her knowledge to help others in a similar position.
Mr C.Castaldo (London, December 2017)

Thank you again for your help Tracey, it is appreciated more than I can express. Keep up the great work. Being the person people turn to in their most desperate times I’m sure is demanding in the extreme, which in my eyes makes you a modern day Mother Theresa! Thanks for giving me somewhere to turn.
Dan W

Tracey Witty is a compassionate advocate for people suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. We highly recommend her dedication in helping people receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. Tracey is friendly, passionate and determined to assist those who are being mistreated. She is angel from the U.K. fighting the good fight!
Sally Pacholok, RN, BSN & Jeffrey Stuart, DO USA

Tracey is a very compassionate and caring person. She uses her extensive knowledge of B12 Deficiency to advocate for B12 Deficient sufferers when helping them to write letters or accompanying them to doctor’s appointments. Tracey created and designed her website to make it easier for B12 Deficient sufferers to access information about B12 Deficiency. I often link members of my group to Tracey’s website as is very professional with links to medical research to support the information provided. Tracey is very passionate about advocating for the rights of B12 Deficient sufferers and is a tireless campaigner raising awareness of B12 Deficiency.
Pat Kornic Founder and Admin - Pernicious Anaemia/B12 Deficiency Support Group.

From October 2017 Lecture to North Wales RCN
I am amazed at the effect you have had on the nurses and students in North Wales Tracey - this is true public/patient engagement at its best! Thank you so much and please keep up the good work even if we wear you out with our constant questions!
Dr Marjorie Ghisoni, Bangor University. 

And this from Dr Marjorie Ghisoni; The cost of compassionless care part 1 B12 deficiency misdiagnosis. 


When I changed doctors in October 2015, my new doctor told me I no longer need my B12 injections. After 7 months of increasingly alarming symptoms and falling B12 levels, I felt I had hit a brick wall. It was then, while I was searching on the internet for information that I came across Even with brain fog, I knew I had found a really good site. After reading through it all I decided to email Tracey and ask for her advice as I was at the point of giving up and not knowing what to do for the best. At the time, I didn't really expect to get a reply, and if I did, I assumed it would probably be a generic response.
What I got back was an email from someone who has been exactly where I was. There was so much support and advice that I cried. It was such an amazing feeling to find someone who not only cared but understood! Tracey recommended I write a letter to my doctor, which she proof read for me, and advised me on additional information to send to my doctor.
At my next appointment, my doctor, who had previously discussed my case with the other doctors who had concluded I didn't require injections, told me she no longer agreed with that. She thanked me for my educational letter!
Thanks to Tracey's wonderful website and personal support I am now getting my injections and my doctor is now much more supportive.
I can't express how grateful I am to Tracey - Thank you!
Candy Wiltshire

I found the 'What to do next' page completely invaluable, unfortunately my GP who is very kind and helpful, is missing some really vital aspects of B12 treatment. I am so pleased that I found this site and have shared it with my friends and family.

I would like to thank you for your helpful advice. You have been very patient and knowledgeable and without you would never had been having treatment for anaemia and low B12. My GP told me my levels were fine and in-fact I was in need of urgent medication. Your advice was outstanding and I can never thank you enough. I wish you every success and I'm sure others without knowledge like myself will greatly benefit from your help.  Many thanks.

I cannot praise Tracey enough for her focus and effort in correlating so much research, all of which has been sourced to bring only correct and up to date information to the seeker in regard to PA/B12d. I think the site is a fantastic resource for any inquirer into this debilitating medical condition, whether you are searching for yourself, for a family member, a colleague or a friend. Directing doctors here would be an education for them too and I say that, not out of malice but because until I was diagnosed I was very in the dark as to how vital B12 is for survival and I was, up until final collapse, a senior staff nurse. I particularly like the pink highlighted text which when clicked on will take you to journals or further reading.
I now feel very informed and I have the confidence to be able to verbalise my needs to the medical profession from GP to consultant, who for the most part are not very well informed, understanding or empathetic as to how awful this condition it is. By leading doctors to such site it may result in far better management for us all, B12 may just be a simple vitamin to the many but it’s potential to heal when prescribed correctly is immense.
So on that note all that is left to say is a HUGE, MAHOOSIVE, THANK YOU to the wonderful Tracey Witty for her huge effort, I truly appreciate all your hard work which will enable so very many to have some control over their own healthcare needs.
Gilli Mew

This is the most comprehensive website I have found on Vitamin B12 Deficiency, it is well written, and covers all I have needed to find in order to gain a diagnosis for my many symptoms. It has been a complete lifesaver for me!

Thanks a million for your website. It has answered so many questions for me and my physician is very impressed too! 

I fully believed in my diagnosis of both fibromyalgia and CFS until a friend pointed me towards this frankly fantastic site. I was very reluctant but I read through the symptoms list and obviously ticked a great many. I had never been tested for B12 deficiency but I was found to be very low in B12 and folate. Sadly my GP would only give me 3 monthly injections, so now I source my B12 injections online.

I live in South Africa and it was my sister who lives in the UK who sent me the link to the site, my mother-in-law was behaving very oddly and we thought she must have dementia - how ecstatic we were to find that B12 injections were the answer. Great site, great work!

Thank you Tracey, I wrote a letter with the help of your page and I am now receiving my injections every other day. My doctor could not argue with the wealth of information you make available and now I am being treated properly -  I cannot thank you enough!
Ron, UK

I thought I was going insane, I was seeing things and hearing things and my Dr said I was bipolar. I cannot praise this site enough for flagging up the relationship between mental health and a simple vitamin deficiency! Thank goodness for Dr Google and the support of Tracey, keep up the great work!

I just wanted to write and thank you for such creating such an informative site. It was only through finding your site that I realised I could buy my own B12 injections over the counter. I was shocked that my Doctor had never told me this even though I was struggling to maintain good health on the treatment level I was allowed. It has changed my life! Thank you so much.
SD, Australia

I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency 12 years ago and after my initial loading dose, I felt like life was finally going to get better and did for a while. As time moved on, I battled, thinking I was going mad, then was diagnosed with depression and told that feeling tired all the time was just a consequence of being a busy mum. I just muddled through life thinking that brain fog, tiredness, anxiety and memory problems were just part of who I was.
Last year I started getting weird sensations so I went to the doctors where they told me they suspected a brain tumour and referred straight away for some tests. As you can imagine, this was a very scary time and luckily it turned out not to be a brain tumour, but tinnitus, a problem with the nerves in my brain.
A friend kept posting B12 information on Facebook that had been written by Tracey and so I decided to take a closer look. It turns out that all the symptoms I was experiencing could be attributed to my B12 deficiency so I spoke to Tracey who gave me lots of advice and helped me understand that life didn't have to be this way.
I contacted my GP and told them how I was feeling, armed with all the information that Tracey gave me and I managed to have more loading doses, my life improved, brain fog started lifting, I wasn't feeling as tired, I felt better than I had in years. The doctor then decided to stop them, despite all the evidence and put me back on 3 monthly injections. That's when I decided that there was no way I could live like that anymore.
I contacted Tracey and I can honestly say that without the advice, support and encouragement from Tracey, my life would not be what it is now. Tracey helped me make decisions about what was the best way of managing treatment for me and guided me on how that could be achieved.
So Tracey, I truly thank God for you coming into my life, for your advice, help, time and your patience. You have made my life something that I never thought would be possible for me. From waking up each morning and feeling awake to saying goodbye to my anxiety, thank you.
Helen Brewin

I found Tracey after searching for information about B12 deficiency following a diagnosis of sensory axonal peripheral neuropathy undertaken by a private neurologist.
Tracey was the only person able to explain and support me through the confusion of how best to deal with B12 deficiency and manage the conflicting information provided (or not provided) by health care professionals. As a mental health nurse myself I felt I should have some level of understanding but I was as muddled as the next person trying to work out the necessity of co factors, dosage etc. I recommended the GP look at Tracey's website as they were clearly lacking in knowledge. Thankfully I am now self administering the necessary injections and taking the co factors which are making a huge difference.
I cannot thank or recommend Tracey enough, she has been an ongoing lifeline in my continuing journey back to health.
S Stace

The day I found Tracey Witty and her website was the start of my journey back to health, so I am delighted to write this testimonial. Tracey is a determined, courageous woman of great integrity and I wholeheartedly support and endorse her. She is on a mission to spread awareness about B12 deficiency and to effect change within the NHS and to save lives.
Belinda Goldsmid

My own experience of B12 deficiency is in complete accord with what Tracey is saying ... as is the case for so many others, initially my symptoms were vague. But they worsened insidiously over several years, and although I’m a health professional (I am a licensed acupuncturist with many hours of conventional ‘Western’ medical training) it wasn’t until I developed overt neurological and neuro-psychological issues that it occurred to me to question my B12 status.
And then one day, I landed on Tracey’s website. Wow! Here (at last) was the information that was missing. I devoured it in one sitting ... the site was easy to read and the information was organised in a user friendly format with links to NHS, BNF and other guidelines, official research, medical journals, books and films. Furthermore, it was well written by someone who conveyed authority and urgency. I was really shocked by what I learned but, by following the advice, I was able to challenge my doctor’s opinion and secure appropriate levels of treatment. This was the start of a life changing journey back towards better health and fitness.
And now that I am aware of the issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency, I find that about half of the patients who come to me wondering if acupuncture might help them, are affected by it too. Tragically, most of these people have been to see their GP but the deficiency has not been picked up. They know something’s wrong but they don’t know what. They are often accused of spending too much time looking at ‘Dr Google’ or patronisingly labelled as the ‘worried well’. The NHS is failing these people and Tracey Witty is trying to change this.
Over the last 4-5 years I have met Tracey many times and we have become friends. I’ve been privileged to work with her too. In my eyes, she is ‘a bit of a legend’, and whether you’re a patient, relative or health professional wanting to know more about B12 deficiency, this is probably one of the most informative sites you’re ever likely to find. Dive in!
Susie Griffiths, Acupuncturist Lic Ac, MBAcC

Thank you Tracey I am very grateful for all the advice and help you have given me. Both through your fantastic website and personally through messages, phone and not at least through meeting you in person at your lovely “B12 Pop-up Cafe”. I will never forget how nice it was to finally meet someone who understands what you are going through, and is more than willing to share from your enormous knowledge about B12 deficiency. You gave me the information and belief in myself to fight for getting the treatment I needed.
You are one in a million; lovely, kind and throughly a Godsend friend and mentor when I didn’t understand why I was feeling like I did and it was all down to b12 deficiency. Thank you again for helping me.
Marit Cooper

I still find it hard to truly understand why B12 deficiency is not top of the NHS agenda when we have so much Dementia, Autism, MS and other neurological conditions. B12 deficiency may be a primary deficiency of these conditions and as such is treatable and these conditions are only the tip of the iceberg.
Tracey is an angel to B12 deficiency sufferers. She works tirelessly to bring B12 deficiency to the attention of medics, scientists and the general public. She knows how and where to source. She can save you months of internet trawling because she has sorted the wheat from the chaff when it comes to good information.
Anne Pemberton, Nutrigenomics and functional medicine Practitioner

As a family finding Tracey was a kind of miracle which improved the quality of our son's life beyond belief. In his twenties he had a burst appendix which resulted in an operation to have his intestines removed. This caused damage which resulted in the fact that he did not absorb B12. It took many years to discover this fact with doctors blaming his symptoms on many factors. This went on until his thirties as he continually suffered from fatigue, anxiety, getting agitated, unexplained pain, numbness and tingling in his hands and feet plus bad migraines all of which affected his personal and professional life.
However through his strength of mind he did manage to work but with difficulties, so you can imagine as parents how hard it was and how desperate we were to find help. Eventually he did get diagnosed with a B12 deficiency but the amount given was minimal and did not solve his problems.
Tracey was a neighbour and by chance we learnt about her work. We attended her seminars several times with our son as he needed to hear the facts and we learnt he needed much more B12. Through Tracey's help we were able to gain understanding and come to terms with his problems and start to manage his life and most importantly to get the extra B12 injections he needed. The results were almost instantaneous and he now can control his B12 and his life. He now works as a Director for the BBC and has a happy and normal life.
I tell the story briefly but Tracey was truly amazing, her dedication and passion for this subject, often against all the odds has been outstanding. Her first introduction to the benefits of B12 came from first hand experiences helping herself, family and friends. She slowly fought to find out as much as she could about the health issues and the wide reaching problems caused by lack of B12. She eventually produced and funded the B12 deficiency website sharing the information she had found and organised seminars at the local university, to promote the true picture of B12 and its problems.
Without her I don’t think our son would have coped and I hate to think what would have happened as there was no consistent practical help with lots of conflicting information from professionals.
Words cannot really explain how knowledgable and well informed she is on this subject. Her advantage is she is completely unbiased and is not linked to any health organisation or bound by government funding restrictions. She is an expert in this field through shear passion and you will not find anyone with better knowledge or empathy.
Although Tracey is not medically qualified she has a great breadth of knowledge and understanding re B12 which has earned her respect from people and organisations. It was gratifying to see so many doctors and nurses attending her seminars and how surprised and impressed they were with the information.
We would not hesitate to recommend Tracey. She delivers an honest view of the problems associated with B12 deficiency with practical advice. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Ann, Alan and Alex.

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