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Mission statement

Our mission is to tackle the epidemic of misdiagnosed B12 deficiency through education, prevention and advocacy globally.

We are a social enterprise, this means that any profit is re invested to achieve our goals.

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Our Goals

• To raise awareness of B12 deficiency amongst all healthcare professionals and the general public.

• Promote early diagnosis and appropriate treatment to prevent neurological injury, fall related trauma, cognitive decline, mental illness, intellectual and/or physical disability and premature death.

Educate society and medical professionals on the role B12 deficiency plays in all aspects of health with the help of Sally Pacholok, R.N. and emergency medicine physician Dr. Jeffrey Stuart. 

• Enlist help from medical professionals, media and governmental agencies to expose misdiagnosis and eliminate the billions of wasted healthcare spending worldwide.

• Work with other countries to create a Worldwide B12 Awareness Day - In the US Sally Pacholok, R.N. declared September "B12 Awareness Month".

• Assist patients in obtaining appropriate treatment.

• Raise awareness of B12 treatment for victims of poisoning by products of combustion. 

• Encourage collaboration of patient groups and build a support community.

• Campaign for screening for all symptomatic patients and all at risk groups.

• Continue campaigning for injectable B12 to be made available over the counter.


Our vision 

• That the medical and healthcare community receive updated information on diagnosing and treating B12 deficiency. 

• That all patients are fully educated about their condition and are empowered to challenge incorrect management. 

• That all patients are treated as individuals so that they may enjoy good health and full engagement in society.

• That access to injectable B12 be made easier in countries where currently it is restricted to prescription only.

• Develop protocols for health care providers to improve their delivery of care.

• Promote further research in diagnosis and/or treatment of B12 deficiency


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