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For those of you who don’t know www.B12deficiency.info was created 15 months ago and is mainly run by me, Tracey, working from my home in Loughborough, UK. I am wholeheartedly supported by my husband Damian and our lovely rescue dog Jasper!
Damian and I volunteer our time and skills to make this site work and to provide accurate, comprehensive information to sufferers in need. From time to time we also have to employ really clever folk to help us out along the way, thank you Pete’s gang and Gareth!
The past 15 months have been hectic to say the least. Along with keeping the site up to date and writing this blog, back in April I started a petition asking the MHRA to allow UK residents to buy injectable B12 from pharmacies. It would bring us in line with most countries around the world and transform the lives of UK patients. The Petition has now been signed by over 4,100 supporters and I will endeavour to continue to work for the right of UK sufferers to purchase injectable B12 over the counter.
You may have noticed on the top right hand corner of the website that earlier in the year we developed Apps for Android, iPhone. Our aim is to help fellow sufferers to manage their condition by monitoring symptom severity etc,
Damian and I have personally funded development of these apps and funds generated will go towards helping us to continue our work, to pay for the maintenance and support for both the website and the app, to produce and print posters, educational material and to raise awareness by way of events.
The website goes from strength to strength and has now reached 152 countries around the world – we are completely amazed by this!
I regularly receive emails and these can range from a kind ‘thank you’ to a desperate mum requiring information to help prove her innocence after being wrongly accused of causing malnutrition in her baby- all whilst professionals ignored her child’s advanced B12 deficiency.
To date, the two most useful pages on the website have been ‘What to do Next’, ‘Signs and Symptoms’  and our latest page ‘Writing to your doctor’ is already achieving positive results for our users.
This Blog has been read by over 25,000 people with the most popular posts so far being –
So a big thank you for following!
Many people who write to the site are in desperate need of support and understanding. I am thankful to be able to direct them to Pat Kornic’s fantastic support group and to her committed admins.
As I write, this amazing life saving group has grown from just over a thousand members this time last year to 4922, with members from all over the world.
This powerful poster has had an enormous impact and has helped many to understand that B12 deficiency affects all ages and both sexes. Please click on the images for further information.
I am really pleased that some of the banging on doors and letter writing in order to raise awareness of B12 deficiency has yielded opportunities for the UK to be educated by Sally Pacholok. Sally has been invited educate mental health professionals in the UK later this year, I am continuing to work to find more opportunities for education.
There are many of us raising awareness, writing to people, tweeting, supporting and educating when we can – together we will make a difference.
Finally, we all await the film based upon Sally Pacholok’s life.
Lets hope that 2015 is the year that our health professionals and the general public become fully aware of this common and life threatening condition.
Happy New Year!
Tracey, Damian & Jasper