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Recent Blogs on coronavirus: 

Go back to your GP if they used previous BSH Guidance against you!

COVID 19 is leaving B12 deficient patients unprotected & traumatised…. Please see updated Guidance from the BSH thanks to patient voices!

B12 cancelled. See you in six months…… if you make it

Make your comment count if your B12 injections are being stopped!

The new C word

If you need help with accessing treatment I do offer a personalised service, please see my contact page for more information.

Please find below the sample text for emailing the MHRA:

On this page the MHRA ask patients to get involved, inviting us to email them, they state:

Get involved!
“We would like to hear from patients with an interest in medicines and self-care, and community pharmacists, GPs, nurses and healthcare professionals who are currently working in a patient-facing role and who are willing to reflect on professional issues and attend a short meeting if required. If you are interested in taking part, please email We will keep your details and contact you when a specific product is under discussion.”

So PLEASE do this! Ask them to help us to access what we need and to remove the barriers to our well being.

Please email them, telling them why you want Hydroxocobalamin B12 injections reclassified.


You can use this sample text if you like:

Please urgently reclassify Hydroxocobalamin B12 injections from a POM to a P.

COVID 19 has meant cancelled or restricted injections for B12 deficient patients even though Hydroxocobalamin is listed as an essential medicine by WHO

Please see;

Please see this petition for all the many reasons why they should be made OTC:

Please remove the barriers to me being well. B12 is safe, I cannot overdose. I am an adult. Trust me as others in the world are trusted to self inject.

Yours sincerely ………………


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