There has long been a need for in depth courses for people for B12 deficiency. If you have been left in the dark or are confused about Vitamin B12 deficiency then come and join us on one of our regular Zoom events. 

My own education in B12 deficiency started in early 2012 – I have researched and studied this complex subject intensively due to its impact on my own life and that of my loved ones. Coupled with the fact that so little is still understood about B12 deficiency in the wider community, I feel morally obligated to advocate for and educate as many as I can to make a real difference to countless peoples’ lives.

B12 courses

We know that education of vitamin B12 deficiency is vital for everyone. I have taught health professionals and lay people about B12 and in response to Anna’s email I have finally got my act together to run regular courses in understanding vitamin B12 deficiency both as a patient and as a healthcare professional / practitioner.

In depth training in B12 deficiency – 3 hour Zoom Course

To register for future dates please email me using the subject – In depth training. 

Cost – £149.00 

Identifying pitfalls and misperceptions and closing gaps in knowledge

If your training did not include in-depth information about vitamin B12 deficiency then this course is for you. All are welcome,

This will be a three hour Zoom event. Ideal for any discipline of healthcare or complementary therapy and for those with a personal interest. It’s time to add another string to your bow! 

Many patients are falling through the cracks created by lack of knowledge of vitamin B12 deficiency. Following this course, you will understand how this common vitamin deficiency manifests and how diagnosis and treatment should be handled. The patient’s perspective and experience will be a key part of this course. If you are ready to learn a wealth of information which will positively affect change in the life of your patient, then come and join us!

A CPD certificate will be provided if required.

Following my live broadcast with the Academy of Physical Medicine, they said… “One of the most important and informative live broadcasts we have done…Tracey is one of the best speakers they’ve heard.” 



Finding Your Way with B12 deficiency – 90 minute Zoom course.


Cost – £50

This 90 minute course, will give anyone who feels lost and confused about their condition a clear understanding of vitamin B12 deficiency. It will teach strategies of how to communicate with healthcare professionals with confidence. Ideal for you and your family members. 

The course will be rolled out regularly to small groups so that people can have the time they need to ask questions and share experiences. These sessions will take place via Zoom. They will not be recorded for the privacy of attendees.

To register for future dates please email me using the subject – Finding Your Way. Please also tell me which country or timezone you live in.

The response to the trial and the first course has been fantastic!

This is what the attendees of Finding Your Way with vitamin B12 deficiency said…..

“Being able to discuss with others at the end was very important as that is when sufferers can relate to each person’s problems. I loved the fact there were people from other countries sharing their experience.

“As someone that has been very fearful of what was happening to me these last few months, the course certainly gave me some much needed positivity and relief. It really has helped me and eased my anxiety. Thank you so much.”

“I would definitely recommend this course to others. It is of tremendous support to hear others are experiencing the same issues with symptoms, treatment & doctors care.”

“Tracey is very caring, patient and knowledgeable. She has done her homework..”

“This course was very informative and certainly settled my anxiety. “

“I felt safe and so enjoyed learning in a relaxed and happy place, I was encouraged by others stories and thankful that we could laugh as well as cry about our situations.”

“The course brings knowledge and experience right into your living room. Also the informality, you are at ease, as we are all hungry for information it focuses you on this.”

“Tracey puts a personal touch to the discussions around this condition. Not sure you can get that anywhere else…”

“Thank you for making me feel really relaxed about something I have been so concerned about, it was so lovely meeting and sharing with others on the session.”

“Thank you for taking the initiative and therefore encouraging timid people, hungry for answers and help, to join in with the discussion.” 

“I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt about B12 deficiency in such an easy but detailed way.”

“Your teaching style is friendly and professional and I have gained enormously from this session, thank you!”

“I am armed and ready, I have been in a state of confusion about my condition and now it’s all ironed out,
I can’t thank you enough!”

“I realise that my GP does not know a fraction of what you have just taught me, thank you for explaining so clearly what
B12 deficiency is, what I can expect and how I should be being treated.”

“Tracey, you have taught me vital information and I now feel I have the strength to talk to my doctor
about my deficiency and ask for what I need.”

“This course answered so many questions and filled so many gaps for me. I now know I can speak with confidence when I spot B12 deficiency in my friends and family and point them in the direction of excellent help.”



For whatever reason(s) medical professionals’ understanding of nutrition remains in the dark ages. Given its fundamental central role in health and its immensely complex absorption and utilisation the understanding of Vitamin B12 is particularly hard hit by this level of ignorance in the health sector. Tracey’s website and blog is a vital and truly excellent source of light in this situation and I commend her for all her great efforts. Thank you.
Dr David Morris (GP)

Tracey is one of those truly special people that genuinely cares about spreading awareness of B12 deficiency, and helping those diagnosed with it. She has worked selflessly and tirelessly over the years, to help those in need. Her excellent website is a fantastic resource, full of information – for those wanting to learn more about B12 deficiency, as well helping those seeking a diagnosis and treatment. Tracey’s conference (held a few years ago), was an eye-opener, flawlessly presented, and a phenomenal CPD event.  

If you’re thinking of hiring Tracey as a guest speaker to present at your medical conference – do not hesitate, as you won’t be disappointed. Tracey’s extensive knowledge, kindness, friendly, professional nature has been inspiring. Keep up the great work!
Archna Shah, Chiropractor

I am amazed at the effect you have had on the nurses and students in North Wales Tracey – this is true public/patient engagement at its best! Thank you so much and please keep up the good work even if we wear you out with our constant questions!
Dr Marjorie Ghisoni Phd, Bangor University. 

Marjorie also details what she had learned from my work with both her colleagues and students at Bangor University and the RCN North Wales on her own blog titled The cost of compassionless care.

Tracey was invited as a guest to a CPD event with the Academy of Physical Medicine which was described by the organisers as:
“One of the most important and informative live broadcasts we have done, giving a wealth of information not covered in medical training, and exposing the shortcomings of the conventional response. Addressing B12 deficiency properly would have HUGE medical and social benefits, but there is an equally huge problem: lack of awareness and recognition of this common condition.”


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