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The eloquent Christine Monkhouse wrote to both her MP and Nadine Dorries following the request for personal stories, many of you have kindly shared these with me. Everyone feels that enough is enough…it’s time for change.

Please see Christine’s words below…

Subject:  Debate on B12 becoming an OTC medicine on 26 May 2021

Dear Nadine Dorries,

You wanted to hear the stories of B12 deficiency sufferers – here goes:

I have had B12 deficiency for 9 years now.  For four years I was improperly treated by my doctors, and went downhill.  I quoted the NICE and BNF guidelines to them; I pointed out how my symptoms improved after an injection; I begged and begged for more.  Eventually I found the help site which showed me how to purchase B12 online from Germany and inject myself.

In the next five years I improved constantly, injecting every day or every other day.  I am STILL IMPROVING!  My symptoms  improved from 24,  to 4 or 5.  Some are now, I believe permanent, like my foot pain.

My partner seriously believed I would be unable to cope within two or three years, and he would be visiting me in a Home. And I have still not managed to persuade my doctors I need it prescribed for me.

I have seen 5 GPs at my surgery now, and been sent to see neurologists (three times), endocrinologist, haematologist, and gastroenterologist. That’s eleven opportunities for proper treatment to be prescribed.  It is also an enormous waste of NHS time, money, and resources.

I find it hard to relate the Government’s response to the petition – I quote: “Clinically urgent treatment must always be provided……Any patient can request a review with their GP….”  with the behaviour of those GPs when you get to see them.

The WHOLE POINT of this petition is that GPs do NOT follow the NICE Guidelines!  If they did, we would have no need to get our B12 from Germany!  There are 96,000 signatures on the petition – this must surely represent at least 96,000 GPs who have ignored their patients clinical needs – and if they have all, as I have, consulted several different clinical people, it must represent probably 300,000 medical personnel who have failed their patients.  And there must be many more who didn’t sign!

There are two choices – instruct GPs to follow the guidelines, or give patients the ability to provide their own treatment.

If it turns out that German pharmacies will no longer export B12 because of Brexit, and if Covid prevents me going to Germany to buy my own, I am seriously considering padlocking myself to the surgery, contacting local and national newspapers and TV, providing my own camera crew, and refusing to move.  Perhaps the sight of an 81 year old woman being arrested, manhandled, and if necessary going to jail, will galvanise Government into taking action!

Your sincerely

Christine Monkhouse


Christine’s words mirror that of so many who have shared their stories, making the point that so much time and money is wasted when vitamin B12 deficiency is not diagnosed or treated correctly.

Is it right in this day and age, in this wealthy country, that people are begging doctors for an inexpensive vitamin that is essential for life?

Making injectable B12 OTC from pharmacies would profoundly change lives for the better.

Kindness always

Tracey x


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