Can you spare a minute for Matthew?

In November 2012 Matthew Leahy was admitted to a Mental Health Unit  – The Linden Centre, Essex where he was found hanged seven days later. He was just 20 years old!

Matthew’s mother Melanie has since become aware of his low vitamin B12 levels, and probable coeliac disease. His symptoms included; psychosis, depression, insomnia, exhaustion, constipation and stomach problems.

I’m reaching out to ask you to sign Melanie’s petition;

From Matthew’s records it appears the first sign of B12 deficiency was recorded in May 2011 at a level of 127pg/ml, reference range 180 -914. In June 2011 low B12 was recorded again.

In Matthew’s notes it states that in July 2011 his B12 level was 154pg/ml and that B12 was prescribed, however, this was not given by injection, if at all, because in August 2011 Matthew’s B12 level had dropped to 122pg/ml.

It is also clear from Matthew’s notes that his thyroid function was impacted.

Matthew’s B12 levels were below range and dropping. See the note to the GP that they state “T4/TSH and B12 were ‘slightly abnormal and kindly arrange follow up blood test”. BUT NO treatment for these was instructed or given.

You can see that below an extremely low level of 122pg/ml is recorded as ‘normal’. Matthew was heavily symptomatic for both B12 deficiency and thyroid dysfunction and despite repeated testing, correct treatment was not given.

If you are from the UK please sign this petition and share this blog. Melanie needs to reach 100,000 signatures by the 6th of November for her petition to be discussed in Parliament – this date has been brought forward from the 23rd of November due to Parliament closing for the General Election so it is a race against time.

At the time of writing the petition has 54,050 signatures.

Melanie’s aim is to have a Public Enquiry into the failings surrounding Matthew’s death in order to help stop this happening again.

Please sign by following this link;

You only need to give your name, email address and postcode and then you must confirm the email from the Petitions Team for your signature to be counted.

The connection between poor mental health and low B12 was made over 100 years ago but too many remain untreated despite severe symptoms and low B12 levels. Please see;

If you or your loved ones are experiencing mental health problems and B12 deficiency hasn’t been explored please see; and;

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You can visit Melanie’s website here and FaceBook 
Thank you for your help in signing and sharing.
Best wishes
Tracey x

9 thoughts on “Can you spare a minute for Matthew?

  1. I’ve been b12 deficient for 25 years, I’ve also got severe mental health problems, yet after 25 years I’m left ordering my b12 from abroad and injecting myself on a weekly basis. My heart goes out to you as it’s a disgrace that there is a cheap treatment out there, but GP’s still decide again and again not to give out injectable b12. I’m so sorry at what happened to poor Mathew, I would put the site up, as it’s a reputable company but fear my post would be taken down. It costs me around £80 for a supply that lasts 3 months and keeps my levels correct and my mental health improves. If and when I run out and can’t afford to buy the b12, Depression gets much worse and become suicidal, yet health profession just don’t seem bothered. Best of luck with your petition and my deepest condolences about Mathew.

  2. So awful. More needs to be done for people who are B12 deficient or have Pernicious Anemia as I do too. My injections are 12 weekly and I’ve asked for them sooner but I know it won’t happen. This time round I have been feeling so tired and exhausted after 6 weeks. I’ve held on till now, my inj is next weds and it can’t come soon enough. The Drs need to do more in the way of training. Good luck with your petition. I wish you well.

  3. I have problems to with B12, I was having a B12 injection every two weeks felt great, now a Haematologist who has never seen me says I can only have my injection every 12 weeks, after two weeks I am climbing the walls, do not have the strength to get out of bed, I now have to do what a lot of other people do, and that is buy from abroad, and really hurt myself injecting it,
    Why can we not have this injection you cannot overdose on it, and it means we can live instead of existing

  4. My daughter struggles with B12 deficiency too as she has PA. Her GP will only give 3 monthly injections. This nasty tory government is to blame as they do not like to spend the money on the health service. They think our taxes belong to them and their rich cronies.

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