There are many faces of Vitamin B12 deficiency……….

b12 poster final

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Raising awareness – how YOU can help

If viewed from the web address above this poster has dynamic links behind each image which lead to further information and journals for each age group.

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Thank you, Tracey 

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2 thoughts on “There are many faces of Vitamin B12 deficiency……….

  1. Thank you for this!! My son was misdiagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at age 5. Sensory Processing Disorder is not even an official diagnosis, but B12 deficiency is and the symptoms in children are the same. Unfortunately, barking up the wrong tree cost us 10 years of struggle and irreversible kidney and nerve damage. He was finally diagnosed correctly at age 15. Thank you so much for your work!! I wish someone had thought to check my son’s methylmalonic acid years earlier, but several specialists including 2 geneticists missed it. Please keep up your important work so that other kids don’t suffer!

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