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B12 Education

My education in B12 deficiency started in early 2012, I have researched and studied this complex subject intensively due to its impact on my own life and that of loved ones.

During their entire medical degree, the average training on B12 deficiency for doctors lasts around 30 minutes. Nurses generally receive no training at all.

Many therapists and nutritionists write to me regarding their clients due to limited knowledge of correct treatment regimes and how best to advise their clients.

I have been an advocate for thousands of people in a wide range of situations and inform medically trained professionals. I have experience of educating mental health clinicians and nurses.

You can view a 90 minute Q&A broadcast on B12 deficiency from the Academy of Physical Medicine here. There is a small charge.

Whether you are B12 deficient or a health professional requiring CPD this will be of interest to you.

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If you or your team need to update your knowledge of B12 deficiency and gain in depth valuable CPD (certificate supplied) then please click here.

Training can be tailored to your specific needs and you will be provided with accurate, up to date information on this very common condition. Please get in touch.

Archna Shah, Chiropractor says:

Tracey is one of those truly special people that genuinely cares about spreading awareness of B12 deficiency, and helping those diagnosed with it. She has worked selflessly and tirelessly over the years, to help those in need. Her excellent website is a fantastic resource, full of information - for those wanting to learn more about B12 deficiency, as well helping those seeking a diagnosis and treatment. Tracey's conference (held a few years ago), was an eye-opener, flawlessly presented, and a phenomenal CPD event.  

If you're thinking of hiring Tracey as a guest speaker to present at your medical conference - do not hesitate, as you won't be disappointed. Tracey's extensive knowledge, kindness, friendly, professional nature has been inspiring. 
Keep up the great work!

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July 2018 and October 2017 Lecture to North Wales RCN - please see my related blog posts by clicking here and here.

I am amazed at the effect you have had on the nurses and students in North Wales Tracey - this is true public/patient engagement at its best! Thank you so much and please keep up the good work even if we wear you out with our constant questions!
Dr Marjorie Ghisoni, Bangor University.

And this from Dr Marjorie Ghisoni's blog; The cost of compassionless care part 1 B12 deficiency misdiagnosis. 

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More testimonials from the events . . .

Must learn more about this subject. Extremely interesting, very knowledgeable speaker who is obviously passionate about raising awareness of B12 deficiency. I had a lack of knowledge before this session, it has encouraged me to research this topic.

Would be good to present to a multidisciplinary forum including GPs and junior doctors.

I found your session absolutely fascinating and I will visit the website to further my understanding. I had no idea how serious B12 deficiency was, so much of what you explained/shared resonated with me.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us all.

So informative, I will be discussing this at our team meeting including our consultants - looking forward to looking at the website.

Inspirational and thought provoking and will consider in my work.
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