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Some of you may know that this blog, the website www.www.b12deficiency.info  Facebook and Twitter pages are run by me, Tracey Witty.

Others write to the ‘B12deficiency.info team’ incorrectly thinking that the website is a huge concern with a team of staff. I am flattered by this and I hope it means that the website gives a professional impression!

But the fact is, that I work day to day on the website, blog, Facebook and Twitter alone but with brilliant support from my husband Damian. If you email or message the site, it is me who responds to you.

One of the things which transformed the speed of my work was embracing the use the microphone on my iPhone to speak the text I want to communicate. Some of you may well already be aware of this, but lately I realised that so many of my friends have not found and used this helpful little tiny square button yet – so I thought some of you may like to know about it too.

If you have a smart phone and haven’t used this fantastic facility yet it may also enhance your life!

This little tiny button on the bottom row of my iPhone keyboard means that I can answer your emails, Facebook and Twitter messages more swiftly.

I understand what an essential lifeline social media is for so many with chronic illness and that lengthy posts and messages can take real effort to type. Some find this exhausting, taking so much more time and effort than speaking, although I do know how difficult even ordering the spoken word can be between B12 injections for may people.

One thing I have to make sure I do is read through and correct the message or email before I press ‘send’ since the phone hears some words differently…it likes to record ‘fish and the sea’ in place of ‘deficiency’ most of the time!

If you use a smart phon  don’t forget you can also use your voice to ask it to remind you to call that person at a particular time, or in my case, to set an alarm to remind you to take something out of the oven.

I hope this helps, best wishes for a Happy Christmas,

Tracey x