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If you need urgent help and support:

Please consider joining this FaceBook support group.

For advice on diagnosis and treatment please head to the What to do next page.

Please use the following email address to write to me and I will reply as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.


B12 speaker enquiries

For media requests or to book Sally Pacholok or me, Tracey Witty, to speak at your event please use the email address above.


Please note:

As you can appreciate thousands of people from around the world are visiting my site every single week, it has become a very important resource for both professionals and patients.

The day to day running is carried out soley by me Tracey. We hope that one day the site will become 'self supporting'. It is a Social Enterprise but up to now, me and my husband Damian have funded all the work involved in running the site, subsidised conferences, created helpful apps and campaigned to create awareness for better treatment.

If you have gained valuable help from the site please support us by attending events, sharing information or simply by making a donation.

Best wishes, Tracey.


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