Challenging our Doctors.

Sometimes a visit to the doctors has us feeling like children, if you have ever tried to challenge or assert yourself you may well have been ‘told off’.  I have been shocked by the number of sulky, rude, arrogant doctors I have encountered during my battle. At some point we all have to get over this feeling and make sure we’re in charge of our own well being, or find someone who can support us. Not even a doctor can know better than us,  how we feel.
Worrying that we may upset our doctor if we go against their possibly, well intentioned, but ignorant advice could seriously harm our health.  Clearly many doctors don’t spare a thought for any patient once the door to their room closes behind us.
I once asked my doctor why she felt that her need for a fully functioning brain was more important than mine.  I pointed out that most of us required a memory for day to day living and that if the B12 is what gives us this then why should we be denied it? It costs 55p per ampoule, it’s hardly going to break the bank.
I know that my doctor worries that she is going against guidelines, however she is under treating me.  I  have ‘neurological involvement’ therefore I should be on injections every other day until my symptoms stop improving. Currently I have one per week. It is exhausting trying to access the vitamin we need.
I know many with this condition resort to buying their own supplies from Europe where it is a legal over the counter product.  Many self inject without their doctors knowledge. This is often due to not wanting to challenge their doctor anymore or because it has been stated categorically that they will not be prescribed B12 more frequently than quarterly. With this condition, we really need our doctors supervision, we need them to support us and monitor our levels of ferritin and folate etc.
We simply need them to care enough so we can reach optimum health with the right frequency of this essential vitamin and to monitor use of all the other medications, particularly of the anti-depressant variety, which may then become ‘surplus to requirement’.
We need all healthcare professionals to update their knowledge of B12 deficiency.
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